Valerophenone CAS:1009-14-9

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Valerophenone CAS 1009-14-9 

cas 1009-14-9

1. Valerophenone CAS 1009-14-9 

 Product Information:

Product Name:Valerophenone
SynonymsValerophenone 99%;Valerophenone, 98% 25GR;NSC 58959;n-Valerophenone;Butyl Phenyl Ketone Pentanophenone;1-PHENYL-1-PENTANONE;Valerophenone≥ 99% (GC);Butyl phenyl ketone Pentanophenone 1-Phenyl-1-pentanone
CAS NO:1009-14-9
EINECS NO:213-767-3
Molecular Formula:C11H14O
Molecular Weight:162.23
Melting Point:-9 °C
Boiling Point:244-245 °C(lit.)
Flash Point:217 °F
Density:0.975 g/mL at 20 °C(lit.)
Appearance:Colorless liquid
Storage:Store in a cool and dry place
Usage:An organic chemical reagent, which can be used in organic synthesis

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