Iodine CAS 7553-56-2

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Iodine was discovered in 1811 by Bernard Courtois, and is classed among the rarer elements. Iodine is found naturally in seaweed, and is considered and generally recognized as safe substance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Iodine is a required element by many species, including humans. It has been recognized as preventative against goiter since 1819, and is used in iodized salt for this purpose. Iodine is also used as a dough oxidizer in commercial bread making. Iodine is generally extracted from natural and oil field brines by means of oxidation of iodide with chlorine, then removal from solution with an airstream. Iodine is reabsorbed in solution and reduces to hidrotic acid with sulfur dioxide. The solution is then chlorinated to precipitate free iodine, and is further purified by treatment with concentrated sulfuric acid. Iodine is the heaviest essential element for most life, with tungsten being used by some bacteria.

Iodine CAS 7553-56-2

iodine cas 7553-56-2

1. Iodine CAS 7553-56-2 Product Information:

Product Name:Iodine
Synonyms:Iodine (JP15/USP);Iode;Eranol;EINECS 231-442-4;Iodine [JAN];Diatomic iodine;LUGOL;MFCD00011355;Jood;Iodio;Jod;Iodine;IODUM
CAS NO:7553-56-2
Molecular Weight:253.809
Molecular Formula:I2
Boiling Point:184 °C (lit.)
Melting point:113 °C (lit.)
Density:1.32 g/mL at 25 °C
SolubilitySoluble in DMSO
Appearance:Dark brown crystal granule

2. iodine deficiency

Iodine is one of the essential elements of the human body, maintaining the body’s essential metabolism. There is about 20~50mg in adult body, distributed in the muscle, thyroid, skin, bones, central nervous system and plasma. Iodine is the main raw material of iodine-containing hormone (thyroxine) secreted by thyroid, accounting for about 20% of the total amount of iodine (about 8mg), so the physiological function of iodine is reflected through the role of thyroid hormone.

Thyroxine could activate more than 100 kinds of enzymes, promoting protein synthesis, growth and mental development, maintaining normal mental state, metabolism, body shape, etc. Iodine deficiency in human body causes local goiter. Iodine deficiency of fetus causes cretinism, so pregnant women should intake iodine appropriately, eating seafood, such as kelp, seaweed and so on.

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3. What is iodine?

Iodine is the second halogen element which was found after chlorine. Iodine is a non-metallic element in the main group Ⅷ of the periodic table, and the symbol is I. It has radionuclides of 123 iodine, 125 iodine and 131 iodine respectively. Some data about it are as follows: Atomic number 53; atomic weight 126.9044; electronic configuration 2,8,18,18,7; relative density 4.93; melting point 113.5 ℃and boiling point 184 ° C. The common oxidation states of iodine in the compounds are-I (iodide), + Ⅴ (iodate), + Ⅶ (periodate). Iodine is a shiny crystal with the color of atropurpureus. It sublimates slowly to obtain gaseous toxic iodine that has a purple color and irritating smell.

4.What is iodine used for?

  • Mainly used to manufacture iodide, pesticides, feed additives, dyes, iodine tincture, test paper, drugs, etc.
  • Used as electronic industry materials and high purity reagents.
  • Used for capacity analysis and colorimetric analysis.
  • Used for the basic raw material for making inorganic iodide and organic iodide. It is mainly used in medical and health care to manufacture all kinds of iodine preparations, fungicides, disinfectants, deodorants, analgesics and antidote of radioactive substances. Used for the synthesis of dyes, smoke extinguishing agent, photographic emulsion and antibacterial agent of cutting oil emulsion in industry;
  • Used to manufacture electronic instrument such as single crystal prism, optical instrument such as polarizer and a glass being capable of transmitting through infrared rays;
  • Used for leather and special soap. Iodine is a good catalyst in organic synthesis reactions of methylation, isomerization and dehydrogenation;
  • Used as a separating agent for alkanes and olefins;
  • Used as a stabilizer for rosin, tall oil and other wood products;
  • Used as a refining agent for high purity zirconium, titanium, hafnium, silicon and germanium;
  • Used to formulate equivalent solvent, determinate iodine value, calibrate concentration of sodium thiosulfate solution.

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